Mr. Crowley - The Cutest Little Senior Pet Rescue

We're not kidding. Mr. Crowley's cuteness is undeniable!

Mr. Crowley - The Cutest Little Senior Pet Rescue

It was a cool May morning when a tiny, old chihuahua woke up in a cardboard box outside and far away from his home. The little guy had been abandoned and was now alone and terrified. Fortunately, a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Westchester stumbled upon the box and took him to their safe haven. He was old and underweight, but the kind folks at the SPCA cleaned him up and fed him well, removed his rotten teeth and gave him all his vaccinations. After just a few days, the elderly doggie was ready for adoption. But it wasn't going to be an easy journey.

You see, a senior pet, especially an old chihuahua with just two teeth and weak knees, doesn't exactly draw a crowd at a shelter. Most people just passed by the old dog's kennel, giving him nothing more than a sympathetic glance on their way to see the young pups and baby kitties. The days turned into weeks and then a month passed and things were looking grim for the tiny old man.

Fortunately, a few weeks later, the little chihuahua dog caught the eye of a sweet couple. Despite his age, his bony little body and his lack of teeth, they saw a perfect pet. The little guy was adopted and christened "Mr. Crowley." Now, in his new home with his loving humans, Mr. Crowley has put on a little weight and spends his day lounging on the sofa taking naps in the warm sunlight. He's a calm, loving companion who makes the perfect movie watching buddy.   

What Mr. Crowley probably never imagined is that in his new home, he has become something of a senior pet spokesperson. He even has his own website, which highlights "why old dogs rock!" Here's a few of the reasons Mr. Crowley recommends adopting a senior pet:

  • Senior pets are already trained.
  • They won't destroy your home.
  • You get what you see.
  • Senior pets are a short-term commitment.

That last point is bittersweet. You won't get as much time with your senior pup, but as Mr. Crowley's parents put it, "less time doesn't mean less love." If you are looking to adopt a new pet, why not consider getting a sweet elderly companion like Mr. Crowley, the cutest little senior rescue we've seen.

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