Stories of Dogs and Their Mamas

These amazing Dog Tag Art fans told us about their loyal mamas and how much they’ve made the world a better and brighter place.

Stories of Dogs and Their Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the two-legged and four-legged moms out there! There’s no better time to celebrate their unmatched influence on our lives.

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These amazing Dog Tag Art fans told us about their loyal mamas and how much they’ve made the world a better and brighter place.

Moms Teach Us to be Healthy

“My Mom is the best! She always has the best treats. She always hugs and kisses me even if I get annoyed about it. She takes me for walks and hikes and to the beach. I just love snuggling with her. My favorite thing is when she comes home from work... And I run and jump into her arms. Oh, and she always makes time for me... even when she is in the middle of her yoga stuff."

Moms Keep the Family Together

“Our momma believes in animal rescue. She loves all of us rescues and volunteers her time with Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) to love on other animals too. We just adopted another fur sister for SAAP that was a former momma dog and needed some fur-brothers and sisters to love.”

Moms Love Unconditionally

“You saved me when I was minutes away from euthanasia at the shelter. You didn't care when they branded me a 'monster' only cause I'm a black pit bull. You tended to me when I was seriously ill and dangerously underweight, you didn't even mind the many soiled blankets and carpets or the midnight vigils.”

Moms Teach Us Lessons

“My mama adopted me last year on mother's day. I used to be terrified of strangers, but mama gave me confidence and showed me that she is a great leader and I don't have to worry. I am one spoiled brat now though! My birthday is coming up, and my mama reserved a doggy birthday cake! My mama helped build my confidence and was so patient with me!"

Moms Heal Our Wounds

“My mama takes good care of me, I have epilepsy and knee problems. She gives me all my medicine, takes me to therapy, and to training class. And we snuggle through every chilly Alaskan night. My mommy takes me on long walks and sometimes hikes. I have a whole family who loves me... even my dachshund brother, but he's old and cranky. Anyways... my mommy is the best!”

Moms Show Us the World

“My Mom means the world to me because she and her sister rescued my sister and I and now we get to see each other all the time and play. We also go on lots of road trips and go to fun places (something I wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing at the puppy mill.)”

Moms Help Us Grow

“My mama rescued me when I was afraid of everyone and everything. She has been by my side helping me learn to like humans and not fear things like bridges, bikes, and wind! I'm a good dog now.”