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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

What Information Should You Include on Your Pet ID Tags?

When you include all the right information, pet ID tags can make the difference between losing your pets or being happily reunited.

Our pet ID tags are all about safety and style, which means some of our most popular ID tag designs are all about making a furry fashion statement. And while we love seeing our customers sporting some fur baby bling, keeping your pet safe is paramount. Pet ID tags are one of the best ways to get your pet home quickly and safely if they ever get lost, which happens a lot more often than most people think. But what kind of information should you include on your pet's ID tag?

Names and Numbers

When people find a pet, they will usually prefer to call you. That means it's important to include the maximum amount of phone numbers you can on your pet's tag or tags. Your cell phone would be the most important number, followed by your home and office phone numbers. You might also want to include the phone number for a close friend, family member, hunting partner, etc. - basically, someone that would be available to answer a call and rescue your pet if you happened to be tied up.

As far as names go, including your name is actually more important than including your pet's name. This makes it easier for the person who finds your pet to get in touch with you, especially if they end up calling your friend or your work number. Once they get in touch with you, you can always tell them your dog's name. In addition, if your dog is pure bred (or just incredibly adorable) leaving out their name makes it harder for a person to steal them. This isn't a terribly common problem, but it does happen. All the more reason to leave Fluffy's name out and add your own instead.

Other Important Information for Pet ID Tags

If you travel often, you can also include your city and state. That way, if your pet gets lost out of state, the person who finds them will know they are a long way from home and may need a little extra help. You can also include your home address, though it's not really necessary if the phone numbers on the tag are up to date.

If your dog has special needs, be sure to include a note about that as well. For example, you might want to include the words "I Need Meds" or "Hearing-Impaired." This way, whoever finds your pet will know they need to get him home to mom and dad ASAP.

Another great incentive to get your pet home faster is to add the words "Reward if Found." This will encourage people to do everything they can to get your pet home safe. Just remember, if you choose to add that line to a tag, you have to be ready to pay off should your pet actually get lost. (We say it's worth it.)

So how do you fit all that information on one little pet ID tag? Depending on what you want to include, it may not all fit on one tag. But never fear, you can usually fit all of this information on a set of two personalized tags with no problem. If your information is short and to the point, you may even get it all onto just one tag!

When you include all the right information, pet ID tags can make the difference between losing your pets or being happily reunited. Head over to the create your own custom dog tag page or browse the selection of staff picks for some of our favorite designs, pick your favorite and get all of your important information onto a tag for your pet today! Remember, a simple pet ID tag could literally save your pet's life.

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