Why We Need Cat Birth Control

Here's a quick PSA to on how to avoid a cute yet dystopian future overrun by cats.

Forget what you have heard about rabbits, cats are the real reproductive heroes. Here is why you should spay and neuter your cat so an army of felines do not take over the planet.

1. Cats can become pregnant at 5 months.

2. A cat’s gestation period is only 2 months so they can have up to 2 litters during kitten season.

3. Neonatal kittens have to be fed every few hours. The Asheville Humane Society has seen 157 neonate kittens since April 1st.

4. When shelters are flooded with kittens it becomes harder to find homes for adult cats.

5. According to the ASPCA about 70% of cats that enter shelters each year will be euthanized. 

So what can you do? SPAY AND NEUTER! Make sure your animal is fixed. Kittens can be spayed or neutered as soon as they weigh 2 pounds. Many shelters offer free altering services, or special discounted clinics. To find resources in your area simply get in touch with your local Humane Society or ASPCA branch. 

For those in the Asheville area here are some local resources. 

The Asheville Humane Society:
The Humane Alliance: