After the disaster: How to keep your pet safe

Natural disasters are devastating and in many cases, completely unexpected. What can you do to make sure your pet stays safe after a disaster? Preparation is key. There are five easy things you can do to make sure that if you pet gets lost in the chaos, you have better chances of being reunited.

Microchip your pet and register the chip. If your dog is found by or dropped off at a local shelter or vet's office, one of the first things they will check is if your dog has a registered microchip.

Make sure your pet wears a collar and pet ID tags. Pet ID tags with your pet's name, address, your name and your phone number will ensure that even if an individual or family finds your pet - he will make it back home.

Keep a picture of your pet on hand. Having a picture of your pet will help you identify him to shelter workers during your search.

Make note of your pet's distinguishing marks. Documenting your pet's unique markings, scars, or features is also of great use when making calls and visits to shelters and vet offices. It is a good way to prove ownership.

Keep a copy of current medical records for your pet. Vaccination history and documentation of any health issues your pet has is important to keep on hand. You may need to present these at a shelter or if your pet is injured and you can't make it to your regular vet.

These five tips don't require much time or expense and they will help your dog stay safe in case of a natural disaster.