Can you believe this face! #EverybodyLovesBacon

Not only does Bacon have the best name ever, he may just have the best face ever too! Bacon was picked up by animal control and was subsequently saved from euthanasia by Guardian Angel Dog Rescue. He was adopted out twice but returned both times. When Meg came to meet Bacon in person for the first time, she fell in love with his expressive face right away and decided to give Bacon his forever home.

Of course, since Bacon came from a pretty traumatic background, he did have some behavioral issues that were challenging at first. Bacon got overwhelmed easily and sometimes reacted negatively to new and unfamiliar situations. Meg sought out help from a trainer and it made all the difference. Now Bacon is a "goofy, treat-loving dog who loves to snuggle" and his only sass comes out in the form of grumpy facial expressions - that we love! Bacon has become Instafamous for his wildly varied expressions, but there is one expression his owner Meg loves the most - ears all the way forward with a huge smile!