The Cutest Kids' Book Ever!

"Pickles the Dog" is the sweetest kids' book based on the real life story of Pickles. The real Pickles was turned over to a shelter when the Souris River spilled over its banks in 2011. Unfortunately, Pickles was repeatedly returned to the shelter and her chances of getting adopted to a forever home seemed slim.

Thankfully, Kat Socks' mother-in-law saw Pickles potential and gave her a loving home where she is currently thriving. This story inspired Kat to author a fictional tale about a little girl who is so excited to take home her new shelter puppy, Pickles. In the story, Pickles is a little naughty at first because she doesn't know how things work around her new home. The little girl has to think up creative solutions to train and teach Pickles, keeping her out of trouble. It's a story about rescue dogs and also one that teaches kids to think up practical solutions to their problems. Best of all, when you purchase a copy, a percentage of the sale goes to local pet shelters in North Dakota. This is an excellent read for kids ages 0-12 and even dog lovers in general.