How to make moving less stressful on your cat!

Moving house is stressful for people, let alone kitties. Cats physically bond with their environment - they have special spots for sunbathing, routes to patrol, windows to look out of and they always know where to go to eat and use the bathroom. Needless to say, having all of their belongings packed up (except for the sudden abundance of boxes to sit in, that's pretty fun) and their whole routine turned upside down can be extremely stressful. In some cases, cats have even panicked by the upset and gotten lost or worse.

So what can you do to ease the stress of moving for your feline friend? These tips can help:

1. When moving day starts and it's time to load up the moving van, confine your cat to a single room where they have access to food, water, toys and their litterbox so they won't be disturbed by all the commotion.
2. When you arrive at your new home, do the same. Unload your cat first and set them up in a single room you can shut. This will save them the stress of unloading and prevent them from getting lost in an attempt to explore their new territory.
3. Make sure your cat's pet ID tags are up to date with your current phone number before, during and after the moving process.
4. Scatter some of your kitty's used litter outside so they can identify their new home quickly. Other cats will be made aware there's a new cat on the block too.
5. Make sure to institute regular feeding times as soon as possible. A regular routine will help your cat feel more secure and establish their new home base.

These are just a few ideas to help keep your cat calm and happy during a move. For more ideas click the button below.