Parents Aren't the Only Ones Who Miss the Kids!

Parents often feel that "empty nest syndrome" when their kids leave for university. But parents know their kids will be back. Pets on the other hand, may have more trouble coping with the loss of some of their favorite family members. When the kids leave town, many pet owners notice their dog is mopey, eats less and sleeps more. They absolutely miss their not-so-furry brothers and sisters and it shows. The truth is, pets who lose their primary person can grieve for weeks or even months.

So what can pet owners do to help their furry empty-nester companions to cope? Dog whisperer, Rachel Locke says people should help their pet feel joy in other ways. Some of her tips are as follows:

    - Go on more walks
    - Add extra playtime to your routine
    - Try new treats and toys
    - Be cheerful around your pet, even if you miss your kids too. Your pet will pick up on your mood.
    - Take your pet to visit their person at school once in a while.

It can take time for your pet to get back to his normal self, but with patience and lots of love, you can help them get used to their new lifestyle as quickly as possible.