Is this some kind of protest? Or just a plea to be included?

We all know dogs love any sport that has to do with a ball. Tennis balls are the best, but dogs don't discriminate - baseballs, soccer balls, even footballs, they are all great fun. It should come as no surprise then that dogs have been infamous for butting into sporting events they weren't invited to join.

For example, in late 2018, this pup ran across a soccer field in Argentina just in time to block a goal that was about to be an easy score. In 2017, an exuberant beagle disrupted a non-league match for a full seven minutes before he could be taken off field. Other pups have met their 15 minutes of athletic fame in less favorable circumstances. In 1970, Chic Brodie, a Brentford goalkeeper grabbed the ball just in time for an enthusiastic pup to crash into his left leg - resulting in an injury that would end his career. (To his credit, the dog obviously felt bad for the unintentional run in.)

That being said, we don't think any dog has the malicious intent of disrupting a sporting event. We're pretty sure that dogs just can't resist a field full of humans chasing around a ball.