Thank goodness for the doggy life jacket!

In an incredible story from Volusia County, Florida, a doggy life jacket saved little Ziggy's life and Facebook reunited him with her family. Ziggy's dad Al stepped from his boat onto another boat for only about 30 seconds. When he returned, Ziggy was gone. Al and his girlfriend began a frantic search but Ziggy was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, Jeanette Hopkins happened to see the little guy wearing a life jacket and swimming in the Halifax river behind her home, all by himself. She rescued him out of the water and then created a Facebook post to find the pup's parents. The post was shared over 900 times and amazingly, made its way to Ziggy's mom. The family was reunited and Ziggy's dad says he's thankful Ziggy always wears his life jacket but he'll definitely be keeping a much closer eye on him next time they go boating!