Time to set up a new playlist on Spotify, cat lovers.

Attention cat lovers: You probably already realize there are a wide variety of cat songs out there - from classics like "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent to lesser known tracks like "Cat on a Tin Roof" by Blonde Redhead - but did you know there is a ton of kitty centered electronic music out there? It's true. Here's our top five beats:

1. deadmau5 - "50 something cats"
2. Dan Deacon - "The Crystal Cat"
3. Tensnake - "Coma Cat"
4. Cashmere Cat - "Mirror Maru"
5. KW Griff - "Bring in the Katz" (feat. Pork Chop)

And while this is a great selection to get your playlist started, there's so much more cat bass and kitty synths out there on the world wide web. This is the music you need to party with the coolest EDM cats out there.