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We Keep Best Friends Together

We Keep Best Friends Together

Um, packing bags now...

If your pet loves the great outdoors and relaxing in the lap of luxury, then the Montana pet resort "Paws Up" is a must-visit location. Paws up caters to humans too (even stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and the Rolling Stones love coming out for a weekend with their fur babies), but for a $50 dollar a night pet fee, your pup can expect quite a bit of pampering. They'll receive a dog bed, kennel access, dog dishes, a welcome package with tennis balls and treats, a Paws Up collar and even a welcome letter from the owner's pet.

Besides the gifts, there's so much to do at Paws Up. There are gorgeous trails for days, rivers to wade in, 15-minute doggy massages and special events. For example, there's the "Wine and B****es" dinner, which promises "wine tasting and tail chasing" along with culinary delights of both the canine and human variety. There's also the Annual Canine Classic, a series of foot races that allow dogs and their owners to participate side-by-side. All in all, this is one resort that should definitely be added to your pet's bucket list - and your own for that matter!