How To (Safely) Celebrate With Your Pet

We all want our pets to celebrate with us, and now they can. From dog beer and cat wine to table scraps, there is a whole world of dog-friendly treats. Find out how you can let your pet safely join the party.

How To (Safely) Celebrate With Your Pet

We want to party with our pets, but can they party with us?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is a bit more complicated. Yes, they can enjoy some table scraps as treats, but the ingredients of the dishes and how they are prepared, matters. And ideally, the treats they do enjoy are made with them in mind. But there’s good news: A whole world of dog-friendly, celebration-ready treats, awaits. From beer to cookies, there are plenty of options for them to enjoy. One of the most recent additions to that lineup comes from a human favorite: Ben & Jerry’s.

Doggie Desserts

The fan-favorite ice cream company worked with veterinarians to develop two flavors of the dog-friendly treat that will surely delight your pup. The first flavor is pumpkin with cookies and the second is peanut butter with pretzels. These are already quite popular, so if you spot them in your local grocery store, grab them before they’re gone! Your dog will thank you, and might even share - the ice creams are made with the same ingredients as the Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavors!

Psst - The flavors should be just fine for your feline friends as well!

Foam Or No Foam?

That’s a question we never thought we’d be asking our pets. Dog beer has been a thing for a while now, but it wasn’t until just recently that a major brand threw a pint into the mix. Dog Brew by Busch may come in a 4-pack of cans, but that’s about where the comparison to Busch’s human beer ends. This slurpable treat is just bone broth, but to your pet, that’s liquid gold! You can purchase the treat online at Busch’s website.

Macarons For Me, Mon Cheri

Now your pet can enjoy a decadent treat alongside you! These adorable pet-friendly macarons are perfect for birthdays and other special occasions. They are made with oat flour, coconut oil, and honey - which sounds good enough for pet parents as well! They are made with all human-grade ingredients and come in three flavors: lavender, mint, and strawberry. Take a bite for me, please!

It’s Meow-o’clock somewhere

It’s wine-thirty… for your cat! Invite them to your next wine night and you know they’ll be the life of the party. Apollo Peak makes wine for both dogs and cats, tailored to their favorite flavors. The cat wine is made with organic catnip extract and the dog wine has either a chicken broth base or a minty flavor meant to help keep their breath fresh! The red drinks are tinted naturally with red beet juice and the “white” drinks are tinted with yellow beet juice. You can find all of the flavors - excuse me, types of wine - at Pet Wine Shop.

Decadently… Plush

These might not be edible, but they are certainly in the party spirit. An adorable sub for when your dog’s on a diet, these alcohol-themed toys are crowd-pleasers. For margarita night, hand them the Puptrone. Receive great news? Pop the Dog Perignon. And for a movie night, a good Grrrona should do the trick. The toys come in a variety of sizes, and the XL even has an added layer of durable mesh for the tough chewers.

Table Scraps

These treats are all very special and fun, but what about traditional holiday foods? Typically, you want to steer clear of overly seasoned foods, as well as foods that are very fatty. That means no brisket on Hanukkah, and NO onion or garlic any time of year. Take a look at some popular foods, by holiday, below.

      New Year's Day 


YES. Dark green, leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. And that includes collard greens! Some of these veggies can be eaten raw, but collards aren’t one of them. The fibers are too tough for pets to digest when raw so make sure to cook them a bit. But only with pet-safe (or no) seasonings!


NO. Ham is too fatty for our furry friends. More for us!

Black Eyed Peas

YES. Beans are a great source of healthy protein, this New Year’s favorite included. Do cook them, but avoid garlic, onions, and other unsafe seasonings.

      Lunar New Year 


YES. Lots of types of fish are perfectly safe and healthy for pets. A good rule of thumb is to pick fish that have shorter lifespans (ex. salmon) and avoid larger fish with longer lifespans (ex. tuna). Larger, older fish have a higher percentage of mercury and toxins in them that are not good for your pet. When cooking the fish, avoid unsafe ingredients, and ALWAYS make sure that there are no bones in the piece you give to your fur-babe. Fish bones are extremely dangerous.


YES. Just avoid unsafe added ingredients, don’t give them the skin, and no bones!


YES. Tangerines, oranges, and other types of citrus are fine for dogs. Stick to the flesh - no skins or seeds - and give it a go!

      St Patrick's Day 

Corned Beef

NO. Too fatty. Our furry friends can’t handle foods that are this fatty. Best to steer clear.


YES. This is a green machine! Cabbage is great for dogs - raw or cooked. It’s great for cats too, but only cooked. Just make sure that any seasonings added are pet-safe. And try to limit them all together.

Irish Soda Bread

NO. While regular bread is okay for pets in moderation, Irish Soda Bread is fortified - meaning it has added ingredients. Such ingredients include buttermilk and butter, so this bread might be too rich for your pet’s tummy.

      4th of July 


NO. While it may be delicious to you (and your pet) they can’t have any. BBQ sauce is full of ingredients that are toxic to pets. Not to mention the fat content of the meat. That’s a no from us.

Hot Dogs

YES. In moderation, hot dogs can be a delicious treat! But remember, they are often highly processed and not at all nutritious. So make sure to limit the quantity.


YES. Hamburgers - without toppings or seasoning - are fine for your pet! Best to cook it before you serve it - while raw meals can be a great kibble alternative, it may upset their tummies. Probably best not to try it out at your family BBQ.


We have a few posts about what Thanksgiving means for your pets! Read about what foods are harmful or healthy here, and find six thanksgiving dog treat recipes here. Generally, avoid onions and garlic, and keep the ingredients simple.



NO. Unfortunately, our pets can’t enjoy this delicious treat. Fried foods are a big no-no.


NO. Too fatty. Darn - they are missing out on all the good foods!


YES. Now this they can have! Apples are a great snack for your pet and applesauce is no different. When buying yours, make sure you get an organic brand that is free of sugar. Apples only, please!


Ahh, the time of cookies and carols. While we definitely encourage bringing your pups caroling (PLEASE send us videos of them howling along), they can’t have human sweets. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun! Find a pet appropriate substitute in our peanut butter pumpkin dog treats!

We all love to spoil our pets

They are our best friends. Our soul mates. Our snuggle buddies and companions. They deserve a treat every once in a while, and a celebration or holiday is the perfect occasion. Try out these pet-friendly treats and tips and let us know what your pet likes (or doesn’t) in the comments below.