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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

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Hi there! My name is Congo and I'm an 11 year old Basenji rescue. I have a bad case of separation anxiety and I don't like to be left alone. Can you blame me?? I've been through several homes in my life. I really don't feel comfortable when people touch my ears and I don't know them. I just feel like they're going to pull them! Especially kids! Kids scare me! Please don't uncurl my tail, it hurts! I may growl but I don't bite. I tolerate cats and enjoy the company of other dogs unless they get too close to my mom. I'm a Basenji, so you won't hear me bark but I will be sure to make my presence known! I can be a bit of a drama queen sometimes.. thinking you're going to step on me so I might squeal. I'm a very smart dog and can escape anything so beware!

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BreedPurebred Basenji
Medical ConditionsAllergic to corn, wheat and soy. Very sensitive skin. Separation anxiety.