Virtual Leash® Protects Your Pets

Virtual Leash®—the most protection you can give your pet in a single ID tag.

Virtual Leash® is an online profile for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. If your pet goes missing, anyone who finds them can follow the profile link printed on their ID tag, push a button, and Virtual Leash® sends a message automatically—through text messages, calls, and emails—to all your emergency contacts. With Google Maps, you can even mark safe places for your pet in their profile, all of which can be easily changed anytime you travel or move addresses.

Virtual Leash® gives your pet a voice, and you peace of mind, wherever you both may wander.


What is "Virtual Leash®"?
Virtual Leash® is a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts. When your pet is found, the website will send messages automatically, through phone calls, SMS text messages, and emails, to you and all your emergency contacts. Virtual Leash® also uses Google Maps to show potential finders a safe place for your pet. In addition, you can put any medical or other important information about your pet in their profile. You can change any of this information, including contacts and addresses, easily and at anytime.
Do I have to display my home address on the Google Map?
No, you can leave it blank, enter only a city and state, or simply a neutral address like the local animal shelter. Regardless, pet finders are only shown map locations AFTER they have entered the last 4 digits of the phone number printed on the ID tag.
How many Virtual Leash® emergency contacts can I have?
Unlimited contacts. Add Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Beatrice, Uncle Bob, family friends and the neighbor next door. The pet finder will instantly alert the whole gang and let them know your furry friend is safe and waiting to be picked up.
How much does Virtual Leash® cost?
Virtual Leash® is only $19 for the lifetime of your pet.
How do I order more tags that have my Virtual Leash® website address?
When you initially sign up for Virtual Leash® you reserve a unique website address. If you try to enter the same address on another tag by choosing to add Virtual Leash® it will tell you that the address is "not available.” To get around this, simply choose the "Existing Profile" button. This will allow you to choose existing profiles for any new ID tag.
Who has access to my pet's Virtual Leash® profile page?
Anyone can see your pet's profile page if they happen to know the unique URL. However, no one will be able to see any of your contact information. They will have to enter the last 4 digits that are printed on your pet's tag in order to verify they actually have your pet to be able to see this and send you a message.
What does a Pet ID Tag with Virtual Leash® protection look like?
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