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I just wanted to email you and let you know that your dog tag helped get my sister's dog back safely today. He ended up running out of the backyard from the front gate accidentally being left open. She had searched for him from 8am to 12pm. That's four hours where we were all worried! Luckily, a neighbor heard her dog barking and knew there was another dog outside. The neighbor called my sister's house, but she was outside looking for him still. It wasn't until my sister decided to drive back home that the kind neighbor was walking Duncan back home. Thanks for the wonderful dog tag! -Jackie

I love your site. We have 4 dogs of our own plus we foster senior labs for Labs4Rescue! Can't wait to tell everyone about your site...I will share it on FaceBook. Thanks for being quick! Take care!   -Donna Marie

...received new tag. thank you again for your excellent service. Daytona will be proud to wear your tag.   - Elizabeth Lizotte 

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved Draco's dog tag today and it is so cute!  He tends to be quite a people magnet when we go for walks and I've had several people asking where I got the cool dog tag! So I've been handing out the email address whenever anyone asks! The tags are so cute, I wish I could put a different one on him every week! Thanks for such a fun and original product!    - Ellen Langton

Dog Tag Art tags are the best dog tags I've ever purchased. Not only are there hundreds of designs to choose from, these tags simply don't wear out. My three dogs have worn them for months and the tags practically look new. I was always replacing engraved tags because they wore out so soon. Never again -- I rely on Dog Tag Art now!    - Barry Silverstein

How cool is this? I love everything about DogTagArt.  - Tika Hudson  (from Facebook Fan page)

We love how cute all the tags are but are especially happy to see the allergy and medical warnings to keep our special needs pets safe!  Starlet received her fabulous dog tag & we love it! Now everyone should know not 2 feed her chicken since she's allergic! Thx!  - Annette Leah Frey  (from Facebook Fan page)

gr8 photos keep up the gr8 work   - VegasRockDog  (from Twitter)

These are awesome tags! Jaxson will be needing a new one soon, I will be keeping you guys in mind :)  - pawstoupdate (from Twitter)

wow, you guys are fast.  thanks!  -Melissa

Thank you for following up.  It's rare to get such service with a real person.  I love Dog Tag Art!  -Tika D

I have one and love it. - Todd

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