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How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Wednesday, Jan 04 2012

How Often Should I Feed My Dog

It is a new year and along with the change in date come many resolutions from all of us. A lot of these attempts to better ourselves revolve around our diets and physical activities. It is important to think about our pet’s health as well at this time. If your pet seems to be a little over-weight or under exercised now is a great time to make a commitment to get them back into tip top shape.

A crucial element in your dog’s nutrition and health is thinking about how often you should feed your dog. A proper feeding regimen can help to prevent negative health problems, provide a healthier digestion, and ultimately impact your dog’s behavior as well. It is not always a simple task to calculate the proper intervals for feeding so we have provided some general guidelines below that will aid in your determination of how often you should feed your dog.

How Often Should I Feed my Puppy?

Puppies are constantly growing and tend to use up more energy than older dogs. Because they are in a steady mode of growth they need a more constant supply of nutrients in order to keep up with the energy they expend to get bigger and stronger. Most dogs in the puppy stage need a steady portion of food given at least three times during the day. A good rule of thumb is to feed them around the same time your family eats meals.

It is very important to implement a strict feeding schedule so that your puppy becomes accustomed to eating at the same times throughout the day. Try to come up with a schedule that allows for an even number of hours between meal times. This goes a long way in helping to prevent digestive problems and improve their overall system.

When you first set up a feeding schedule it is perfectly normal for your puppy to not eat all of their food. They will eventually adjust to this new routine and begin to understand that there are certain times during the day that they will receive meals and they will adjust and begin to comfortably consume each one to avoid being hungry in between meals.

How Often Should I Feed my Adult Dog?

Adult dogs are a little less difficult to feed properly than their puppy counter-parts. They tend to be healthiest when fed two to three times a day. If you decide to go with a two meal a day regimen then it is best to provide them with food in the mornings and again in the evenings. A three meal plan can work just like it would with a puppy, at the times your family eats their meals.

Feeding you dog three times a day is probably the better option as it helps promote better digestion and also allows your pet to have a more scheduled bathroom routine. Feeding your adult dog after your family eats also promotes bonding between your family and the dog. This is mainly because it is programmed into your dog’s instincts to eat after the Alpha members of their pack. By feeding you dog immediately after you and your family has eaten you are establishing your own dominance as an owner which can help discourage aggressive behavior and promote obedience.

Food is Great, but Don’t Forget the Water

While placing your dog on the proper feeding schedule is very important, it is also necessary to make sure they are getting the proper intake of fluids. You should always keep a constant supply of water readily available to your canine pal. A lack of water can lead to urinary tract problems and dehydration. Dogs also require water to aid in the digestion of their food.

Fresh clean water is also key. It is recommended that you clean and replace your dog’s water container on a daily basis. This will help prevent the accumulation of any harmful bacteria and will insure your dog has sanitary drinking water throughout the week. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, then make sure they have an available source of clean water outside as well.

How Often Should I Feed My DogPlacing you dog on a daily feeding schedule is a great idea to ensure that they do not become overweight or have health problems. It is important for us, as humans, to eat at the proper times throughout the day and avoid overeating or snacking in-between meals. This rings true for our furry friends as well and can help them be healthier and happier in the new year by knowing how often you should feed your dog.
Russ Barker has made his fair share of New Year’s resolutions but never really thought about making one for his pets. That was until he started doing a little research on how often should you feed your dog and how we, as pet owners, can make our beloved friend’s lives a little better. Russ is a writer and veritable jack-of-all-trades at Dog Tag Art, a company that focuses on providing pet lovers with fully personalized pet ID tags that are adorned with full-color graphics. These expertly crafted custom dog tags are designed so that there are many choices to fit your pet’s unique personality. Our pet ID tags also provide essential protection if your pet runs off or is lost.
Russ Barker

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