Most Popular and Creative Dog Names of 2015

Check out what names were trending in 2015.

Most Popular and Creative Dog Names of 2015

Did your pup’s name make it on the hit list for 2015? Let’s take a look at the rankings for most popular and creative dog names, compiled from lists by,, and the AKC.

Most Popular Names

Top 12 Names for Male Dogs:
1.  Max
2.  Charlie
3.  Buddy
4.  Bailey
5.  Cooper
6.  Jack
7.  Rocky
8.  Duke
9.  Bear
10.  Toby
11.  Tucker
12.  Oliver
Top 12 Names for Female Dogs:
1.  Bella
2.  Lucy
3.  Daisy
4.  Molly
5.  Poppy
6.  Maggie
7.  Sadie
8.  Lola
9.  Sophie
10.  Chloe
11.  Bailey
12.  Luna

The Creative Class

Food and Drink Inspirations:
1.  Ginger
2.  Pepper
3.  Peanut
4.  Olive
5.  Whisky

In Touch With Their Wild Side:
1.  Teddy
2.  Moose
3.  Foxy
4.  Tiger
For the Trendy Pets:
1.  Sawyer
2.  Hudson
3.  Finn
4.  Emerson
5.  Kai
6.  Elsa
7.  Quinn
8.  Ivy
9.  Aurora
10.  Avery

What’s in a Name? Everything!

Whether you choose one of these popular names or come up with an original, take your time and settle on a name you and your pet will be proud of. If you plan on training quite a bit, you may want to consider a name that is short and easy to say and hear, as to not interfere with commands.

Don’t Forget the Bling

A name isn’t official until it’s in print, and custom ID tags are an excellent canvas for any style or personality. With hundreds of unique Dog Tag Art designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit!

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