Top 20 Pet ID Tag Ideas

Pet ID tags are so stylish! Check out 20 of our favorite pet ID tag ideas.

Top 20 Pet ID Tag Ideas

All pets need ID tags. There are many reasons why, but the most important one is that your pet's chances of getting home if they get lost are much better when they have an ID tag on them. Plus, pet ID tags are so stylish! Here are 20 of our favorite pet ID tag ideas:

1. Custom Image Tags

Making your own custom ID tags is super easy and a perfect way to show off your pet's personality, style and humor. If you need some inspiration to create your own one-of-a-kind tag, check out our staff picks.

2. Medical Alert

Medical alert tags are a great way to make sure your pet gets home STAT if they are lost. They can also alert people to your pet's disabilities when you go for a walk or to the dog park, for example, if your pet is hearing impaired.

3. Monogram

Getting your pet a monogrammed ID tag? It's the classy thing to do. Plus, there are plenty of monogram styles to choose from - everything from cutesy polka dots to skeleton letters - so you can make sure your pet's personality is properly represented.

4. Lupine Collars

We have partnered with Lupine to offer tags that combine with any one of their beautiful collars. Make sure your pet is coordinating in style with a colorful collar and a matching tag from Dog Tag Art.

5. Lili Chin Breeds

Lili Chin's doggie drawings are super cute and the perfect way to show a little breed love. There are dozens of breeds to choose from - all equally adorable.

6. Adoption

Adopt don't shop! It's a popular hashtag and one we believe in. Rescue dogs are the best, so let other people know by choosing an adoption/rescue pet ID tag.

7. Funny Phrases

Make someone laugh with a funny phrase pet ID tag. These tags are always popular at the dog park or your favorite hiking spot and make for a great conversation starter.

8. Diva

Does your pet think they rule the roost? Do they demand the finer things in life? If this sounds like your pet then a Diva tag may be the perfect fit.

9. Seasonal

Celebrate every occasion, every reason for the season with the right pet ID tag. We've got something for every season and holiday!

10. Sports

The pet ID tags in our sports section let sports fans can represent their favorite teams and athletes of both the two and four-legged kind sport a little bling with their sporting activity of choice.

11. TV and Movie Junkies

If you never miss an episode or are the movie trivia champ at your local bar, then these tags are for you. TV and movie based pet ID tags are sure to steal the show.

12. Working Pet

If your pet is a working dog or kitty who takes their job seriously, a working pet ID tag will let people know when they are on the job.

13. Spirituality

This selection of poignant tags is dedicated to faith and spirituality. Whether you look to the Saints to protect your pet, love Bible verses or own a Zen kitty, there's a tag for every faith.

14. Outdoorsy

Is your dog a trail dog? Are you a nature nut? Show your love of the great outdoors and head out to the wild blue yonder with the perfect tag.

15. Road Warrior

Is your pet your faithful road trip companion who always rides shotgun? Then you need a road warrior tag. Here's to the roadies and gypsy souls out there!

16. Nerdy

Nerd culture is mainstream now, so if you know what the dark web is, love sci-fi and own a variety of NASA t-shirts, step right up and find your tag here.

17. Beach Bum

If your pet is a laid-back surfer kind of dude, then you'll definitely need a beach bum ID tag to hang ten with. Flip flops not required, but make for excellent snacking.

18. Cat Tags

Cats need ID tags too - even indoor kitties. Fortunately, we have a large selection of tags made just for felines that range from elegant and classy to cute and hilarious.   

19. LGBT

Dog Tag Art believes in love! And so we have a lovely selection of tags that show your pride.

20. Foodie

For the connoisseurs of all things edible and passionate food monsters, these tags are for those who love to eat. Who doesn't, right?

We think it is safe to say that no matter what your pet's personality or lifestyle, Dog Tag Art has a tag to fit. Your pet is special and they deserve a tag that is just as unique as they are. Whether that is a custom tag created by their owner or one of our thousands of ready to print designs, we hope you will take your pet's ID to the next level with Dog Tag Art.