Dog Tag Art Donates 100 Pet ID Tags to Therapy Dogs at Mission Hospital

In recognition of their special contribution to the community, Dog Tag Art recently donated 100 dog tags for pets enrolled in Mission Hospital’s Paws on a Mission therapy program. The 90 therapy dogs in Paws on a Mission are certified with national credentials, and serve 19 hospital areas across three Mission campuses, as well as the McDowell Hospital.

"We are delighted to now have tags for our therapy dogs!" enthused Pam Hardin, the Pet Therapy Coordinator of Integrative Healthcare at Mission. The donated pet ID tags feature the Paws on a Mission logo—a purple, heart-shaped paw print—and are backed by Dog Tag Art’s lifetime guarantee for their custom dog tags.

Paws on a Mission has provided pet therapy services to Mission Hospital patients since 1999, and currently provides over 1,700 scheduled visits a year, the equivalent to almost 5,000 volunteer hours annually.

"There is an unconditional love that only pets can provide. Many Mission Hospital employees, volunteers, donors, community members and partners, passionately and tirelessly work together to bring this to our patients," says Hardin.

Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and compassion to patients, through interactions where they offer physical contact and companionship, and reduce stress and anxiety in the process. Research shows that pet therapy can actually decrease a patient’s heart rate and blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness.

The new Dog Tag Art custom dog tags for Paws on a Mission will be a unifying feature for the therapy dogs that wear them. Unlike service dogs who are often seen wearing vests and aren’t supposed to interact with the public, therapy dogs offer much of their healing work through sensory touch—something a vest would hinder. With the new Paws on a Mission pet ID tags, they offer a small badge of acknowledgement for work with a big purpose.

“We couldn’t be more proud to support the work these therapy dogs are doing for the people in our community,” says Russ Barker, Operations Manager of Dog Tag Art. “Paws on a Mission is an incredible program, and we applaud these amazing dogs and their equally amazing handlers.”

Barker is interested in donating tags to more pet therapy programs, and encourages handlers and pet therapy coordinators from other states to get in touch through the Dog Tag Art website.

About Dog Tag Art

Dog Tag Art makes high-quality personalized pet ID tags for dogs and cats and other tag-wearing pets, out of Asheville, North Carolina. Customers can design their own tags using personal images, or choose from over 1,000 original artist-designed custom tags. Dog Tag Art tags are guaranteed for life and made with a sturdy, recycled steel core and coated, permanent graphics. The company was founded by owner Jack Carrier, to ensure the safety (and safe return!) of his beloved wandering Chocolate Lab, Maggie. Dog Tag Art has been featured on Regis and Kelly, as well as in The New York Post, Dog Fancy, and in several other publications.

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Dog Tag Art, makers of high-quality custom dog tags for pets, donated 100 custom dog tags to local therapy dogs in Mission Health’s hospital-based pet therapy program, Paws on a Mission.