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Best Friends Together

The company was started to solve a problem. The spark for the idea can be attributed to an old Chocolate lab that was persistent in one thing: wandering off. One evening Maggie wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.

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Cute design and quick service, and excellent quality. I got this to make an ID tag for my new guitar case!
Guitar Girl
I've ordered 2 dog tags. One for my dog, Honey. That tag is over 1 year old and still looks new. I would recommend the glow in the dark ring that goes around the tag and the attachments. It was very easy to attach. The other tag is for my sister's dog. It has a scotty design, very cute. The tags look exactly as shown but prettier. Great designs!
Judy K.
Love it! Really like that you provide the "glow in the dark" protector. Besides that it reduces the clinging it's so helpful at night.

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