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101 Uses for Dog Tag Art!

Thursday, Dec 03 2009

Okay, we admit it… we’re amazed at the very many ways our virtually indestructible, original design dog tags are being used. That’s why we’ve decided to start a list of “101 Uses for Dog Tag Art” – some of which, admittedly, stretch the boundaries of usefulness!

Take one look at our vast selection of designs and you'll see why customers have found new and novel ways to display our tags.

Join us in our quest to identify 101 uses for Dog Tag Art…

Simply email your ideas for how to use Dog Tag Art tags by December 31, 2009. We'll add your ideas to the list. The most original idea submitted will win a free tag from Dog Tag Art!

Let's get started...

1. ID your dog
2. ID your cat
3. ID your horse
4. ID your pig
5. ID your [enter animal here]
6. ID your [enter human here]
7. ID your [enter item of your choice here]
8. ID yourself
9. ID your kids and their stuff
10. ID your golf bag
11. ID your luggage
12. ID your computer bag
13. Medical alert tag for your pet
14. Medical alert tag for your kid
15. Medical alert tag for anyone
16. Necklace pendant
17. Earrings
18. Key ring identifier
19. Zipper pull
20. Window blind string decoration
21. Wine bottle
22. Sweater pin
23. Hang it from a mobile
24. Light pull chain
25. Label your remote control
26. Backpack zipper
27. Door hanger
28. Party favors
29. Pin it to a tie
30. Pin it to a scarf
31. Pin it to a sweater
32. Tongue piercing
33. Nose ring
34. Monopoly game piece
35. Replacement game piece for any board game
36. High-dollar amount poker chip
37. ID guests at an elegant dinner party
38. Tiddlywinks
39. Christmas tree ornament
40. Mark your garden sections (Thanks Emily!)
41. Mark your wine glass at parties (Thanks Emily!)


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