Building a Better Sanctuary: Dog Tag Art Gives Back

Read about our day at local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

Unlike their human counterparts, pets can’t plan for the future. Felix doesn’t have a 401(k), and Fido doesn’t get disbursements from a pension.

To offset animals’ vulnerability, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue devised a plan for creatures that can’t plan for themselves. On 80 acres of pasture and forest near Asheville, North Carolina, the no-kill animal shelter is working to create the Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, its second local facility.

Amid rolling hills of idyllic pasture, animals who have encountered setbacks and unforeseen challenges find shelter and care indefinitely.

The Dog Tag Art crew is proud to work with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and we recently spent a day volunteering on the sanctuary property.

The land is in the early phases of development as Brother Wolf continues its fundraising efforts; however a few animals already live there. Lucky the Pig, for example, was abandoned in West Asheville. Brother Wolf scooped him up and took him to the sanctuary, which has the look and feel of a farm.

Brother Wolf ensured Lucky wasn’t euthanized, and it’s working to provide a better outcome for all animals in Buncombe County. The group knows some animals have special requirements — particularly those who have been neglected or abused — and the sanctuary will provide a calm place for them to recover.


Brother Wolf is raising money to complete the project. The complete build out is expected to cost $5 million dollars.

Dog Tag Art furthers Brother Wolf’s mission through volunteer days and donations. To date, we’ve donated over $20,000. We’re proud to call Brother Wolf neighbors and teammates with a shared goal — to enhance the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Our reward is the satisfaction of watching a transformational facility take shape — and vegan brownies and cold local craft beer don’t hurt either!

To learn more about the Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, visit: